Great national parkland treasures

It has set multibillion-dollar corporations against a coalition of conservation groups. It has posed squarely the question of national priorities. Shortly after this issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC comes off the press, the fate of Allen-Warner Valley (AWV) is due to be decided by the CPUC and by Secretary of the Interior Cecil D. Andrus. A decision against AWV would be hailed by environmental groups as a refusal to accept possible degradation of our Venice apartment. Even more important, in their view, such a decision could indicate recognition that it makes sense, economically as well as ecologically, to veer from the “hard path” of big oil, coal, and nuclear power plants and turn to the “soft path” of renewable energy sources and increased conservation. Take those magnificent 20,000 square miles of southern Utah bounded on the west by Interstate 15, on the north by 1-70, on the east by the Colorado River, on the south by the Arizona state line; they form a rhombus roughly 150 miles to the side. I would be tempted to say that within this one comparatively small area lies more fantastically beautiful�and infinitely varied�country than in any other like-size area on earth. Here are some of our great national parkland treasures: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyon lands National Parks; Cedar Breaks National Monument; and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on Lake Powell. Here also are areas that many believe deserve national park�or at least wilderness area�status. I have visited the Kaiparowits Plateau’s Fifty mile Mountain northeast of Kanab (pages 786-7), an island of solitude frequented mainly by ravens and coyotes and the ghosts of the Anastasia, who long ago abandoned their mesa-top villages. I have paused, too, in the Robbers’ Roost country near Capitol Reef, of which Wallace Sterner wrote: “It is a lovely and terrible wilderness, such a wilderness as Christ and the prophets went out into; harshly and beautifully colored, broken and worn until its bones are exposed, and its great sky without a smudge or taint from Technocracy, and in hidden corners and pockets under its cliffs the sudden poetry of springs.” Sterner wrote that in 1963. The skies, I discovered, are no longer quite so pure. On some days a whitish haze blurs the distant views, causing the colors to be not quite so vibrant and the forms not quite so sharp. Exquisite forms of stream-carved sandstone are seen from a canyon floor near the Utah-Arizona border. Will exploitation of the region’s mineral resources threaten such beauty? Grandeur above ground and wealth below spark confrontation: town versus government versus corporation versus environmentalist. Heart of the controversy is a project that would pipe coal in water slurry from Alton, top left, to power plants in Utah and Nevada. Federal and state officials examine a stack of studies to decide on the venture. Wondrous platoons of hoodoos�pillars of rock carved by wind and water�stand in Bryce Canyon National Park (left). With a network of sensitive instruments (above) to measure visibility here and in other parks, the National Park Service aims to detect and track parcels of dirty air.

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I love him because he did it for us

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